About One Arena

About One Arena

One Arena was set up in 2016 by Edward Finn. Looking to give more to his clients than just results from their training and diet, He wanted to create an environment and atmosphere where people would thrive. Guided by highly motivated and passionate people we want to provide a facility full of energy, enthusiasm, and achievement.

We focus on health and structural balance first. This is an integral part of our culture. People are our passion and our personal service will be the backbone of the business. Fitness to One Arena is being able to live a healthy well-balanced life. It is more than just a physical capacity. Fitness has intellectual, emotional and social concepts. As personal trainers, we aim to educate, inspire and empower through physical fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey starts with a full assessment which includes a body composition testing, movement compensation screen, a mobility, strength and structural balance test, along with a nutritional analysis to maximize your potential.

From here we go to the gym where we run mobility, strength and structural balance test, a plan is then devised based on your results. We will add a degree of variation which involves making adjustments in the training programme to provide new stresses to the body, which will overload the body and thus cause it to adapt. After your programme is finished we retest and go from there.

We train our client’s specific to their goals. When we meet a client for the 1st time we go through a detailed assessment of them. Each client is progressed according to their level of training experience. We work with total beginners, Olympic athletes and everywhere in between.

Book in for your complimentary assessment where we can discuss your goals in more detail and devise a plan for you.


I am the proud owner of One Arena. I am a qualified personal trainer and S&C coach with 5 years experience in the industry. I have worked with everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes. I am currently undertaking a BSc in strength and conditioning. I strive to see my clients progress and achieve their goals. I am passionate about people, health, fitness and everything in between.






I am a qualified personal trainer with a MSc in business and marketing. My fitness journey started at a young age. My passion to help others to change their lives has led me to where I am today as a personal trainer at One Arena. I aim to form a connection with my clients to transform behaviour so that they can function at their highest potential across the board.


Heya, my name is Holly Wolfe and I’ve worked as a PT for the last year and a half.
When I’m not working, I’m in UCC studying biology.

I’ve got a huge passion for personal training and I recently completed an advanced PT course over in London.

What I want to assist people in achieving through personal training is both a better mental and physical health and an appreciation for what the human body can actually do by slightly redirecting our focus away from what it can look like.

Nutrition is another big passion of mine, so never hesitate to ask me any food related questions! I’ll be more than happy to help😇 .

The food that we put in our body and the amount that we move it have very significant effects on both our mental and physical health. Our body does so much for us, it’s time we do something good for it too!

Looking forward to meeting all you guys❤️