5 MORE Benefits of Small Group Training Exercise Fitness Classes

5 MORE Benefits of Small Group Training Exercise Fitness Classes

As if you needed any more reasons to kick start your small group training exercises routine – but here’s five more benefits of small group training exercise fitness classes!

Small group training (also known as group exercise classes, gym classes or group training) is one of the best ways to get in shape, lose weight, build a better body and sustain a healthy lifestyle – and is a really affordable PT alternative to expensive gym membership where you are left to your own devices. Group training classes in Cork are on the up and here at One Arena we can help you fulfil your open exercise goals while having fun in small group fitness training classes.

Before we start, what exactly is small group training?

SGT stands for small group training which consists of a small group of people performing a variety of exercises to help lose weight, build muscle and improve cardiovascular health. 

Small group fitness training at One Arena involves a maximum of 10 members and 1 to 2 coaches per session.  

Our small group training program consists of 4 different sessions that are full-body sessions and use both resistance training and high-intensity cardiovascular training to help our members achieve their health goals. Each small group training session lasts for 45 minutes.


But what exactly are the benefits of small group training fitness classes?


1) It adds huge variety to your workout

Small group training in Cork can have a great support network and also will keep you focused. You will be less likely to cancel on your classmates if you know they are expecting you to join the group fitness class.


2) It adds huge variety to your workout

Let’s face it – if buying a gym membership and exercising in a gym in Cork was easy, everyone would do it! But with gym memberships costing more and more in Cork City it’s rare you can take advantage of an affordable PT alternative as effective as this! With small group training exercise classes you can see a variety of workouts – one day you can be boxing the next you could be bench pressing or deadlift. It’s always fresh and changing because the PT in our Cork gym is always looking for ways to keep the small group training sessions exciting!

RAMP Warm Up – To physically and mentally prepare the body for the upcoming training session.

Lifting Segment – This segment consists of resistance training to help our clients get stronger.

Conditioning Finisher –  This segment is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that will have our clients burning calories for hours after they leave the gym.


3) No matter your fitness level there’s a place for you!

Anecdotally, we hear a lot of people who join us complain that the spent a lot of money on gym classes in Cork only to not understand what to do! With this affordable PT alternative you know that there’s a place for you in our Cork gym no matter what fitness level you are at!

One of the main reasons why small group training exercise classes are so great is that they can cater for so many different levels of fitness. You could be an Olympian or just joined after looking for a gym near me and it wouldn’t matter. You both would be doing the same exercises together in our small group training fitness exercise session.

So, take boxing or boxercise as an example, there small group training fitness classes on the timetable for beginners or advance, they will vary in duration and intensity, but only because the individual doing the exercise has a different fitness level to the others in the small group training session.


4) You get a higher endorphin output

Whether it’s in a gym near you, a personal training session somewhere in Cork or in a small group training session in One Arena it’s important to know that exercise will lead to endorphin release. Some studies have shown that small group training sessions can lead to a higher level of endorphin release than with just working out in a gym near me. And trust me, knowing you’re saving money by taking advantage of this affordable PT alternative by joining our Cork gym class you’ll release even more endorphins! 


5) There are hidden incentives to make you want to exercise

Through booking your place in a small group training session and paying money towards bettering yourself through going to the gym you’ll have more motivation to attend. Also, while small group training fitness exercise class sessions are more affordable and more accessible than personal training in Cork it does still mean that you will want to get the best bang for your buck!

Also paying a membership fee or for a class in advance can also help keep you on the straight and narrow, as not going makes you feel like you are wasting money.


So those are another five reasons why you should join a small group training exercise class in Cork near you today! If you’re still stuck for where to join a gym near you, never fear – One Arena is here. At One Arena we have a lot of added extras in our small group training program to help our clients stay motivated, push themselves and achieve their health-related goals. Some of these added extras include:


Progress monitoring – We monitor the progress of all our SGT clients by tracking how much they lift in session, how much work they complete in the finisher, and also the changes in body composition using our Inbody – 270 Body Composition Machine.

Constant Variety – Our SGT program is updated every 4 weeks so that clients are continually challenged in sessions.

Monthly Club and Staff Challenges – Monthly physical challenges are chosen both by coaches and clients.


So, if you think that small group training is the way you want to start exercising in a gym in Cork near you then be sure to reach out to us today!