Strength & Conditioning with Sinead

The strength and conditioning classes in one arena take part on a Monday evening at 19:00, Wednesday at 19:00 and a Saturday morning at 10:00. It’s an hour long session taking part in our Pouladuff location.

Each class is different to the next, providing a wide variety of different workouts and styles of training. In the beginning of the class we will go through mobilisation and
activation drills to prepare ourselves for the workout ahead. The workout changes
each class, either it will be broken in to a strength phase first and conditioning phase
second or it will be all conditioning.

The strength phase helps you become more comfortable on your compound lifts (eg squat, deadlift), and help you get stronger and more confident with weights. The conditioning phase is a high intensity workout with a mixture of body weight and resistance training.

This will help improve your endurance and overall cardiovascular health.  This class is catered for everyone at any level of fitness. It is challenging and very sweaty but everyone has fun and is very motivating towards each other.

Boxing with Michele

“Hi my Name is Michele, I am Italian and have been living in Ireland for the last few years. My background is in boxing, where I had over 20 amateur fights.

Our boxing classes are open for everyone and suitable for any level. What we mainly do is improve people's overall physical fitness and ability as we teach them the most important boxing skills in a way that everyone can enjoy and can feel satisfied at the end of their session.