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Class Schedule

Each class lasts an hour and consists of a mix of strength and cardio training in a group setting.

The strength & conditioning class that I take on a Monday evening (7-8pm) and Saturday morning (10-11am) is put together to provide you with a total body strength workout, while also specifically targeting your core and working on mobility towards the beginning and end of the class.


The first 10 minutes of the class is dedicated to a thorough warmup - focusing on getting our different muscle groups warm and stretched while also mobilising our joints to help us achieve a greater range of motion in all of our exercises in the main part of the workout.

Main phase

The main phase of the workout takes place for approximately 30 minutes - working through a rep range of 6-8 to stimulate our muscles for strength gain. I also partner the exercises with a specific core exercise to allow for active recovery between sets.


This is the conditioning part of the workout. After the main phase, I provide the class with a finisher where we focus on elevating the heart rate.

Finally, we cool down with some stretching/mobility work to help our muscles recover faster.

Strength & Conditioning with Holly

Monday from 7-8pm | Saturday morning (10-11am)

My class structure is always a surprise for members. Somedays its a full strength based finishing with a Crossfit style conditioning WOD, somedays its a full 30 min conditioning  circuit style with a good 10 min warmup and 10 min cool down. somedays its a mix of both(superset of a strength and conditioning exercise at each station).

Strength & Conditioning with Naeema

Wednesday from 7-8pm

Hi my Name is Michele, I am Italian and have been living in Ireland for the last few years. My background is in boxing, where I had over 20 amateur fights.

Our boxing classes are open for everyone and suitable for any level. What we mainly do is improve people's overall physical fitness and ability as we teach them the most important boxing skills in a way that everyone can enjoy and can feel satisfied at the end of their session.

Boxing - Thursday Evenings


One Arena runs the health and wellness programs for AIB, EY and Deloitte to name a few. This includes health and wellness talks and weekly fitness classes. We have two locations one in the city and one on Pouladuff Road, where we run on and off-site personal training and group fitness classes. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about your company, community or organisation health and wellness plans.