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Are you looking to improve your physique or enhance your sporting performance? At One Arena, we have the expertise to help you reach your potential. Personal training is an excellent way to discover that your limits are greater than what you thought they were.

With constant guidance, support and total personalized attention from an experienced and qualified trainer we will help you achieve your goals. Our trainers believe in adjusting behaviors to be able to perform at your highest potential across the board. Our coaches’ train their clients specific to their individual goals and our sole mission at One Arena is getting you into shape.


Your journey begins with an in-depth fitness, lifestyle and nutritional assessment, followed by a movement and functional strength analysis. From this a brand-new custom made, detailed programme is designed for you as a client, every exercise is broken down to ensure you have the confidence to maximize your results.

Each client receives two apps on joining- one for nutrition and the other for training, these are to ensure you effectively manage and measure each aspect of your health and performance while training with us.

We offer personal training plans as one-on-one sessions or in small groups. Each PT membership comes with access to all of our classes, monthly challenges, the online support hub and our library of training and nutrition plans- Join the movement at One Arena and achieve your goals!

One Arena Cork Gym Workout

Small Group Training

Our classes are here to excite and energize – providing an efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight and build muscle.

All our SGT memberships include:

3 x / Unlimited SGT a week

Access to our training app to track your progress

Access to online support group

In-Body body composition analysis

Personal Training

Let our team help you to build the technique and habits required to live a healthy, activity-filled life. Eliminate weaknesses, identify key strengths, and enjoy a focused and effective workout.

All our PT memberships include:

A personalised training plan based on your health/fitness goals with One-to-One sessions with our coaches

Consistent monitoring progression using our Virtuagym training app

Nutri-zone lifestyle nutrition plan included

Access to our training app to track your progress

Access to online support group

In-Body body composition analysis

One Arena Cork Gym Workout
One Arena Cork Gym Workout


In our classes, we love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of fun to help the body & mind relax into the practice. we seek to help individuals thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind and soul with yoga.

Flexi Arena

Custom Fitness Program on your One Arena app with Unlimited Acess to the gym to train when works best for you.

One Arena Cork Gym Workout
One Arena Cork Gym Workout

Health Consultation

We offer all our clients a full health consultation on admission to our gym.

Our In-body 270 body composition analyser provides a compressive range of tests for males and females relating to risk of health, bones, muscles and general health. Here is a list of what our In-Body machine can carry out:

Body Composition Analysis

Muscle / Fat Analysis

Obesity Analysis

Segmental Lean Analysis

Segmental Fat Analysis

Body Composition History


To stay healthy, you must maintain a balanced body composition. The In-body is an easy way to target if there are any imbalances of muscle or fat distributed around the body with the segmental lean/fat analysis.

KMC Therapies

We offer a range of treatments from Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Dry Needling, and much more. At KMC Therapies my primary focus is to help clients that are in pain feel better and move better

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One Arena Cork Gym Workout


One on one training- Achieve your goals by training individually with one of our qualified and experienced personal trainers.

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Small Group

Small group training- Share the experience with a friend/teammate- workout in a group setting led by one of our experienced trainers.

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