Derval O'Rourke

2x Irish Olympian
Ed is absolutely great to work with. He has a brilliant balanced approach and always makes me want to work out.

Peter O'Leary

2x Irish Olympian
Ed is a really organised and well-educated person in the fitness world. As an Olympic athlete, he is one of the best people I've worked with. I'd highly recommend him.

Kieran Kingson

2x All-lreland winner with Cork, 4x Munster titles
I chose One Arena as it is designed to suit any age group, any level of fitness and you immediately feel comfortable in the class. Its times gives you great flexibility and the range of exercises lends itself to each area of physical fitness. Instructors are friendly and professional and I would recommend the classes for anyone wishing to maintain or obtain a level of fitness that meets their own personal needs and goals.

Rebecca Clarke O'Shea

Having spent a fortune on many personal trainers in the past and bounced from 1 diet to another, in the back of my head I half thought this would be the same . But from the get go Edward set out a plan to help me reach my goal and pushed me at every step . Even on days when I tried to go at half pace he would see through it and make me go twice as hard. I now feel much stronger both physically and mentally as Edward helped to achieve milestones like doing push ups and chin ups. I can not recommend his program highly enough, he is a top class trainer who offers an excellent service.

Gary Kelleher

Ed is a great coach with endless knowledge. Very informative and very easy to work with, really friendly and very driven in terms of helping you reach your goals. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to do some training at any level.

Olan Bermingham

I have been to many of Ed's classes.. I would highly recommend him for all fitness levels. He really knows his stuff. Im currently in the middle of a 6 week block of PT's with him. He is really focused and highly motivated to get me to reach my goal. Keep up the good work Ed.

Conor Cremen

I've been to a handful of classes with Ed now and it has been a great experience so far. Ed has the social skills to match the exercises which are delivered with a wealth of scientific knowledge behind him. He is extremely adaptable and flexible in increasing or decreasing the difficulty of all exercises to suit his clients. In this way, all customers can get a tailored workout to suit their needs in a class workout setting. Between the varied classes, the motivational roars and the high quality speaker system, you are always kept on your toes and the classes seem to fly. I am eager to continue classes with Ed and hope to begin to do PT session in the near future also.

Cormac Collins

Great trainer and a very professional and positive attitude to every session, I suffered a lot of injuries throughout my time and it was good to be working with a trainer who not only had the knowledge of dealing with injuries but also first hand experience, this helped a lot for me as Eddy knew the trouble I was having and was able to adapt all training to not only work around my injuries but to also work on rehabilitation.

David McCarthy

I've been going to Ed for over 10 weeks now and can easily say he’s provided the best personal training programmes and most enjoyable circuit classes iv ever been too, very knowledgeable and will get to know you & your lifestyle before providing any plans and nutritional tips, highly recommend.

Richie Martin

Coming back from my second ACL injury wasn't easy but I felt my trainer eddy really gave me a structured week to week program with specific goals to reach each week giving me the motivation to push myself to reach those goals and reap the rewards I'm now back playing again and enjoying my football.

Mairéad Geaney

I've just finished a 6 week programme and absolutely loved it. Eddie pushes you to the limit in each session and I've seen a huge improvement in my strength & fitness. I've just signed up for another 6 week programme and can't wait to see the results!

Evie O'Neill

I’ve been training with Eddie for over 2 months following a significant period not training owing to pregnancy complications. I have seen a huge improvement in my strength and fitness and I’m not only back to where I started pre pregnancy, I’ve actually increased some PBs without any reoccurrence of any injuries. I’ve gained confidence and enjoy being pushed further at each session. Thank you Eddie and see you in the new year!!

Shelby Watson

I was nervous about embarking on a new workout routine that was completely foreign to what I had previously done in the gym. Edward was so patient and really gave me the confidence to push myself with every one of my workouts. Highly reccommend booking in a session!

Mairead Finn

Training with Naeema the last few weeks and I find her training style very motivating and disciplined .Excellent attention to detail and awareness of my ability .Highly recommend her for personal training and to improve fitness levels !!

Susan Cadden

I signed up to do one six week training package with Eddie and ended up doing several back to back for nine months because I absolutely loved it! I would recommend One Arena to anyone and everyone!

Michelle Cummins

I’ve worked with Eddie a lot over the past few years as my personal trainer.The knowledge, motivation and guidance is second to none.Eddie always takes a personal interest in each client in helping to achieve their goals, always on hand for advice and tips. Thanks

Kieran O Sullivan

Eddie is a exceptional trainer with years of experience behind him. I have been attending his circuit classes for several weeks now and they're fantastic. Every class is different and challenging. Weather you are a beginner or expert I would recommend giving it a try.

Joanne O'Flynn

I started with One Arena Fitness last year to bring my fitness to the next level. I’ve been interested in health and fitness for the past six years, going to so many classes and bootcamps, but realised that without proper direction on exercise and nutrition, I could only go so far. I knew that 80% of good health is food intake but I just couldn’t tackle my diet so happily enough I chose to ignore it. I started participating in One Arena’s bootcamps and trail running in Currabinny Woods last year and after only about six weeks of that training, I already realised that I had never reached this level of fitness before. I continued attending One Arena bootcamps in Cork city and then in Douglas for a few months. I finally decided to bite the bullet and booked in for personal training sessions. It was honestly the best investment in my health I’ve ever made! Edward ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly, that I was being challenged and he always kept it interesting. Not only does Edward educate me regarding how and when to train, he also informed me on nutrition; what foods to eat at what times, how much food to consume according to my personal goal, my body and lifestyle. I learned how to perform weight movements correctly without risk of injury, always a big concern of mine, and I finally had the confidence to join a gym and do my own weight training. Edward created a gym programme for me to use at my own gym that complimented my weekly personal training sessions so that I could progress quickly and see results. I’ve achieved so many PBs! I look leaner, feel better, my strength and mobility are fantastic, and I'm finally training for my first half marathon. Thanks for overhaul Edward!

Stephen Downey

By far one of the most professional personal trainers Inhave one across so dedicated to getting you a plan to suit you and helping you achieve your goals.

Kate McCarthy

I've only been training with Eddie for 4 weeks now but I have already seen huge changes in my strength and also on the scales!!! I've dropped nearly 3% body fat just by making small adjustments to my diet and training twice a week. From day 1 he went through my nutrition and diet and came up with a plan suitable for my lifestyle and work schedule. I absolutely love the workouts!! Each week he challenges me and no two sessions are ever the same. I look forward to seeing more changes over the next few weeks 🙂 I honestly couldn't recommend him more!

Ray Lally

I really enjoyed my session with Ed. Lovely atmosphere and friendly gym also

Liam Brosnan

I'd highly recommend Ed if you're looking for a PT, every session is different and interesting and he knows how to get the most from every session without burning you out. I've trained with him for a few weeks and have hit every goal so far. Very professional and easy to get on with.

Michelle Curtin

Professional, passionate and full of knowledge! Accommodating to work out restrictions, very inclusive to all fitness levels. Thanks for the help.

Michelle Dunne

Ed is an excellent trainer. I'm working with him now for nearly 12 weeks and so delighted with the results to date. Ed pushes me more and more each session in order to reach my goals. Each session is tough but very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Ed not only for his professionalism in PT but the constant encouragement he gives in order to ensure progression. Thanks a million Edward looking forward to reaching even more goals in the future.

Tinchy Russell

Today i finished a 6 week programme with Edward, honestly i cannot reccomend him enough. His attention to detail is second to none and he takes his time explaining each and every ecxercise being perfomed.i walked in for my first PT session 6 weeks ago looking down at the floor not knowing what to expect and today i bounced out of there with a massive spring in my step. Thanks pal

Dave Finn

One of the best coaches out there, motivated and determined to helping you reach your personal goals in all areas of fitness. Highly recommended, for anyone wanting to take the next step to a better lifestyle.

Aine Darcy

I've trained with Eddie a few times in both Ballincollig and Douglas, and have enjoyed the sessions. He's a very motivating trainer who is very knowlegable about all aspects of fitness and nutrition. He varies the sessions each time and always gets the best out of you for each session.

Brian Deasy

Just finished my 4 weeks program with Edward and I lost 4.3 kg in 4 weeks which was more than I expected I'm very happy with the results would highly recommend him to anyone try lose weight.

Clodagh Lacey

Can't recommend Edward enough been training with him for 12 weeks now and seeing massive changes in fitness, strength and overall feeling leaner and healthier.

Jill O Leary

Started training with Ed about 4 months ago, From day one, he was patient and went with a pace I could keep up with. His encouragement meant I never left the gym feeling defeated (I always felt this leaving other gyms or classes). My shape has changed hugely since and I feel way more body confident. If you're looking for PT, he's your guy.

Carol O Brien

Eddie is a brilliant trainer! Really motivates you to achieve great results, I have been training with him for a good few weeks, and will continue to! Really friendly, and easy to get along with.

Liis Mäenurm

Have no words to describe how good personal trainer he is! Pushes you to your limits each time! Recommend highly.

Martin O'Donoghue

Very very good personal trainer. Highly recommend him!!

Olivia Shum

Top class trainer helping people reach their goals by pushing people to their limits.

Paul O Sullivan

Top trainer and motivator that goes the extra mile with clients.

Ciaran O'Herlihy

Great classes that suit all fitness levels and the guys really get the best out of you!!

Jenel Davis

Great trainer! Runs a fab spinning class.