Gemma Healy

I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Diploma in Hotel Management, and have worked in the Hospitality Industry for 22yrs.


Sport and fitness have always been a part of my life, and something I have always enjoyed. Over the past ten years however, I realised just how important exercise is, and became more passionate about it. I began attending strength and conditioning classes and quickly saw the changes to my body and how good it made me feel.


I decided to take the opportunity to return to study while laid off from work during the pandemic. I completed a Diploma in Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning through Setanta College, followed by an Internship in OneArena, which led to a job opportunity there.
Since completing this course, and beginning work in One Arena where improving people’s wellbeing, health, and happiness through training is the main focus.


My desire to help people achieve this has only grown stronger.

One Arena Cork Gemma Healy