Lulia Bucur

“Hi, I’m Iulia and I am originally from Romania. I’ve been living in Cork for 8 months now!

I have been a Fitness Instructor for almost 3 years now, coaching general population and gym lovers. My main focus has always been to help people fell in love with movement. Understanding that exercising is not a punishment, but should be a blessing because we all are able to move our bodies.

When I was young, I played handball as my main sport, alongside swimming, but I always loved playing anything that was outdoors-football, basketball, and probably my favourite was Oina-our national sport.

I fell in love with weight training right before I became an instructor, after my coach taught me how to actually lift and perform exercises correctly. Barbell drills are my favourite. He passed that passion and love for weight training onto me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to him! As a coach, I want to do the same. I’m here to help everyone fall in love with movement, and I want every client to feel great after every session and leave the gym feeling more energetic and more confident in their skin! If you were to ask me what are 3 things that someone needs to know before starting their journey, I would say stay consistent and find motivation to show up every day, give your best and remember that you are enough!”

One Arena Cork Lulia Bucur