The Best Gym Classes in Cork City – BoxFit Edition

The Best Gym Classes in Cork City – BoxFit Edition

Looking to join some gym classes in Cork but not sure where to start? No problem! One Arena has one of the best offerings for gym classes in Cork with a wide range of types to cater to all fitness levels!

To begin, not many gym classes in Cork offer Boxfit – but we do! What exactly is BoxFit?

What is BoxFit?

BoxFit sessions are some of the most popular gym classes in Cork and is regularly at capacity such is it’s demand! We’re always adding more sessions for this popular Cork gym class favourite. BoxFit sessions are 45 minute long gym classes that involve technical boxing training, high-intensity cardiovascular training, bodyweight training, and resistance training based on the training methods used by competitive boxers. These sessions will help teach you the correct techniques for skipping, single punches, combination punching and more!

In this popular Cork gym class you will learn several new boxing-specific skills and techniques, you will be doing it while performing a high-intensity training session that will physically and mentally push you while having your body burn calories for hours after the session. BoxFit sessions are made up of a combination of the following to help you learn and push you. Other than being constantly challenged there are many other benefits for clients of this Cork gym class such as weight loss, stress relief, improved coordination and improved heart health!

BoxFit sessions will continually challenge you and the people of Cork in ways you haven’t been challenged before, due to the amount of learning and skill development that you will be doing whilst also being physically pushed to your limits in this popular Cork gym class.

If you would be interested in trying 1 of our BoxFit sessions, If so, please let us know and we get you booked in for a complimentary BoxFit session!